Cube Host Payment Policies

Cube Technical Associates (d/b/a Cube Host) has the following payment policies in effect.

Domain Names

Payment must be received before name will be registered.
The easiest way to achieve this is to supply credit card information when registering and have a credit card on file with our accounting staff to be billed when a domain comes up for renewal.

Web Hosting, E-Mail, DNS and FTP services

Payment must be received before service will start. If monthly billing is selected, a credit card must be on file with our accounting staff, and will be charged within 2 business days of the start of each service month for the following service month. Non-payments and late payments are handled according to our delinquent account policy below.
For 6 month or greater billing periods where the total sum is over $150, a check may be used to submit payment, however the check must clear before service will start.

Per-Incident Technical Support Call

Minimum $20 per call. If call lasts over 30 minutes, call and resolution are billed at our administrative consulting rate pro-rated in half hour increments. Please note that any call to the Cube Host offices, cell phones or contact through an instant messaging system may fall under this rule. Only email sent to will fall under the Per-Incident Technical Support E-Mail policy below and have a possibility of not incurring charges to your account!

Per-Incident Technical Support E-mail

Costs are only incurred if Administrative Consulting is required, in which case the resolution is billed at our current administrative consulting rate in half hour increments.

Cube Host Related Administrative Consulting

(such as backups, server installs, maintenance)
Payment is due the business day after consulting services are completed/hours are billed. If the consulting services will total more than $1000 USD then half of the expected bill is due before work will start. The remainder of the bill, whether it is greater or less than the estimated amount, is due 1 calendar week after the work is completed / final hour is billed.

Standard Consulting Services

Billing, pricing and policies depend on the project.

Late and Delinquent Account Policies

All payments have a 3 business day grace period unless otherwise specified on the Cube Host website or in the project contract. If payment is not received after this grace period, the action taken depends on the type of charge that is late. In all cases, if payment is not received after the grace period, a minimum of 1 hour Administrative Consulting time will be required to reactivate the service, with payment due in addition to any and all outstanding payments due Cube Host before service will be restored.

Domain Names, Web Sites, EMail Accounts and Hosting

If you or a banking institution for any reason stops payment or the charges/checks are denied for any reason then the domain will be put on administrative hold for no more than 10 business days.
Administrative Hold means: Service restoration will occur no later than 2 business days after all late and outstanding payments and Administrative Consulting fees are paid in full.

If payment is not received by the 11th business day

Service restoration will occur no later than 2 business days after all late and outstanding payments and Administrative Consulting fees are paid in full.

If payment is not received by the 15th business day

Domain Names
You will have revoked your rights as registrant of any domain name not paid for in full, and Cube Host reserves the right to offer the domain name to other clients, keep the domain name for internal use, placing any form of content or services behind the domain name as we see fit.
Web Sites, FTP Sites, and any data on our servers
Cube Host reserves the right to remove any and all content, data, log files, scrips, users accounts, and any other information tied to your account from our systems after the 15th business day of delinquency.
Restoration of your account and service will require payment of a minimum of 3 hours of Administrative Consulting, plus any delinquent payments due Cube Host.
Information may remain on our secured backups for a few months, but will eventually be destroyed; it will not be sold or released to any third party without a court order.
Dedicated Servers, Managed and Un-Managed
Servers will be rebuilt, erasing all data stored on hard drives. Servers may be reused and offered to other clients once wiped clean of all data and re-installed.
Restoration of service after the 15th business day of delinquency for dedicated servers will require a minimum of 4 hours Administrative Consulting time, whether or not backups of the server are still active and the server can be restored.
Co-Located Servers
Servers will be removed from racking, and be held on Cube Host property. Servers may be obtained by paying all delinquent charges, plus 3 hours of Administrative Consulting. If not picking up servers in person, all packing and shipping costs must be prepaid.
Restoration of services after the 15th business day of delinquency for co-located equipment will require a minimum of 5 hours of Administrative Consulting, plus the current Cube Host set up fees to re-install your servers and re-provision resources. You may or may not be able to obtain the old IP addresses you have before the servers were powered off.
After 90 calendar days, servers will be considered abandoned and become Cube Host property. Servers hard drives will be erased, destroying all content. Servers may be disassembled, sold in whole or in part or used internally. After the 90 day cutoff, there is no way to recover your server intact.
If all late payments and Administrative consulting fees are received after the 15th business day, it will be up to the sole discretion of Cube Host's management if service will be restored or to deny service restoration and return money prepaid for service beyond the date on which service denial was decided. Cube Host's decision in the matter is binding.

Abuse of Resources or Violations of Acceptable Use Policy

Cube Host will strongly enforce our Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP"). As stated within the policy, we have the right to charge you for each violation of the AUP in addition to putting your account and all domains, web sites, mailboxes and other server resources on administrative hold, or canceling your account without refund of a balance on your account.

We take our AUP seriously and may file criminal and/or civil prosecution against violators, in addition to cooperating with law enforcement officials if requested for cases which may violate our AUP.

In addition, Unsolicited Commercial EMail (a.k.a SPAM) is explicitly denied in our AUP. We reserve the right to charge your account up to $10 USD per recipient of such email, whether it travels through our servers or is sent from them. This charge is in addition to any charges, liens or other compensation individuals, governments, courts, jurisdictions, corporations or other parties may incur upon you. You will be wholly responsible for any and all fees related to legal action taken against Cube Host arising from the sending of said EMail.